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Happy Birthing Mind

Happy Birthing MIND:
the midwife MINDSET method for a calm, confident, relaxed pregnancy and birth.

This an effective, simple program with short video tutorials such as:
❤️ "Release the Fear of Giving Birth"
❤️ "Instinct, Sexuality & Birth"
❤️ "How to Conquer Your Doubts, Anxieties & Fears" 
❤️ "Creating Happiness"
❤️ "Positive Power Postures & Poses"

These short, effective video tutorials are created with love by me, drawing from my experiences of consulting over 10,000+ pregnant women and my Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnobirthing training.

Today, there is a lot of confusing and negative information about birth, plus with all the changes in your body, it is easy to become overwhelmed with worries, doubts and fears. Unfortunately, these negative emotions create so much stress in the body, which 
creates cortisol (stress hormone) and these stress levels are not beneficial for the growth of your baby.

When you CAN HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHING MIND, there is no need to let worry and fear take away from this most amazing time of your life!

Happy Birthing Mind gives you:

❤️ a calm strategy for daily life (even beyond pregnancy

❤️ techniques to overcome anxieties, fears, doubts and worries

❤️ exercises to release old trauma

❤️ strategies and postures to feel calm, confident and empowered during pregnancy, birth (& beyond)

Would you like to feel happy and excited about your birth?

Would you like help in letting go of unwanted feelings more effortlessly and easily?

Buy Happy Birthing Mind today!

❤️ Feel empowered and relaxed as your learn neuro-linguistic programming techniques to support your pregnancy and birth preparation.

❤️ Feel calm knowing how to relax in your body and how to make right decisions for you and your baby during your pregnancy.