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For 3 DAYS ONLY YOU CAN SAVE $100, PLUS receive 8 BIRTH BONUSES: the midwife method for a calm, relaxed, happy birth!

I'm delighted you're here. I am on a mission to change your (and your partner’s!) perception and experience of birth.

You can feel empowered, informed and calm during your pregnancy & birth.

I know you can & I know HOW you can. 

As an international midwife for over 36 years, I have welcomed over 3000 babies and consulted over 10.000 women during pregnancy & birth. I gathered the all the "midwife secrets" my techniques, knowledge and skills – to prepare for a happy, relaxed and supported birth.

What do you get in the Happy Birthing Days online course?

Inside the course you get 5 hours of easy-to-follow 5-10 minute video tutorials to help you to: 

  • Strengthen your mind-body connection & mama intuition
  • Learn optimal birth positions
  • Practice effective relaxation techniques for pregnancy and labour
  • Understand the hormones of pregnancy and birth
  • Understand the physiology of labour
  • How to feel confident and calm in your pregnancy body
  • How to decide your birth preferences and your birth options
  • Create and communicate your unique birth plan
  • Release endorphins via breath work
  • Learn effective partner exercises
  • How to bond effectively with your partner
  • What birthing really fear is and how to eliminate it
  • How to reduce pain during labour
  • How to communicate with your baby inside you
  • Intimately bond with your baby
  • Reprogram your mind and body to having the most enjoyable childbirth and pregnancy for you

PLUS 8 Happy Birthing BONUSES:

What you'll get:

  • Birth Plan Worksheet 

This is the how, what, where for your ideal birth. It shows you how to explore your options, be decisive and prepared and know how to communicate what you want for your best birthing experience. 

  • My Birth Checklist

Put your mind at ease and your birth place preparation on auto-pilot once you have this list to cover all the things you need to bring and to know when giving birth.

  • Positive Birth Breathing

The midwife method for linking conscious breathing with positive feelings. The steps are written out so your pregnancy partner can read them aloud to you (or use it themselves!)

  • Breathing Cheat Sheet

Sometimes you don't want to watch video or listen to a technique... you just need a sequence to follow. This is particularly helpful for labor and labour preparation. Easy to focus on, easy to follow.

  • Relaxation Meditation for Mums-to-be

Anytime you're feeling anxious about giving birth or finding it difficult to sleep, or want to surround you & your baby with love and kindness, you can drop into deep, calming relaxation, with this meditation.

  • Stay Calm for Dads-to-be

This can be a confusing and tiring time for your partner. This is a meditation designed to help him relax, breath deeply and release any anxiety and worries. 

  • Perfect Pregnancy Partner Formula

This can be a confusing and tiring time for your partner. This is a meditation designed to help him relax, breath deeply and release any anxiety and worries. 



I've been a prenatal yoga instructor for over 2 decades. Here I share a 20 minute video class with the best moves to strengthen your body and relax your baby, plus this sequence also helps to align your baby into the correct position for birth!

Let me help you feel prepared with my midwife method: the Happy Birthing Days online course PLUS the most effective birth preparation tools to feel  happy, relaxed, empowered birth. 

What Happy Birthing Mums Are Saying:

“I had a 3 hour labour with NO drugs. I believe I had a quick, drug free birth due to being well prepared thanks to Jutta's online Happy Birthing Days course. As this was my first pregnancy I had read all the books I could lay my hands on but still felt overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice. I decided to take Jutta's course late at around 35 weeks and can tell you this was by far the best child birth resource for me and my husband. The Theory, Body & Mind video modules were informative and easy to follow as were the yoga, breathing and mindfulness exercises which I practised for 20 mins every day. On the day of the birth, I felt informed, empowered, relaxed and excited, all because of the information provided in the course. I can't recommend highly enough this online course. Thank you Jutta, we had a wonderful happy birthing day thanks to you. ”

Victoria, 1st pregnancy

“I had a great birth. Without Jutta, I don't think i could have said that. It's as simple as that. She draws on so much experience and so many disciplines. But above all, it's her warmth and energy. She really cares and takes care of you. It was her breathing and visualisation techniques that got me to the hospital and helped me through the hardest part of labour. Her weekly yoga classes were a wonderful window of time to just focus on me and my baby. But it was her one-on-one NLP and hypnosis sessions that really helped me release some of the fears I was carrying with me. The Happy Birthing Days online course was also such a fund of knowledge. I couldn't go to her antenatal course, and the online classes are something you can always go back to. I learnt so much more about how birth works - how crucial it is to prepare your mind (not just your body), and the incredible power of song and making noises! ”

Abby, 1st pregnancy

“I can't thank you enough for all the preparation and information from your course and Facebook live presentations. I felt so empowered and managed to not have any drugs or gas, etc. I was also so well supported by my husband (also thanks to you!). So a big thank you from our little family! We are so very grateful to found the Happy Birthing Days course and I will be recommending it to anyone I can.”

Holly, 1st Pregnancy

“First of all, I would like to thank Jutta for this awesome and mind-blowing course. Before the course, we had a lot of misconceptions and fears about the birth of the child and we were really confused about many things. But as we went through the course we found that the pain and suffering during the process of delivery has a lot to do with the mental state and doing it in the wrong way. With the tricks and tips described by Jutta concerning breathing pattern and back-massage are excellent. After taking this course, we both feel more confident and competent that we can do it. We would advise to all future parents to take the Happy Birthing Course by Jutta since it will take your birthing experience to the new undiscovered level and give you confidence, that you all need to have a naturally born child and peaceful parents :)”

Moon Sabeen, 1st Pregnancy

“Hi dear mums to be, I can highly recommend Jutta´s book and Happy Birthing Days to you! It was a nice ritual for Stefan and me to watch the short videos in the evenings. Jutta created the tutorials for parents who are located in countries where no antenatal classes are offered. The tutorials are also a great addition to a course you have visited. They are very helpful and entertaining! I have learned so many things from Jutta and I have had a wonderful birthing experience! ”

Aline, 1st Pregnancy