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Happy Birthing Days: Online Course.

The proven 3 step midwife method for a confident, supported & joyful pregnancy and birth.

With 40 years professional midwife expertise at your fingertips in easy-to-follow 5-10 minute video tutorials, you can start to...

  • feel greater confidence in your pregnancy
  • feel positive excitement about your birth (even if you have experienced a traumatic birth)
  • learn with your birthing partner how to become the perfect birthing
    (now you BOTH can know exactly what to do & when to do it)
  • implement easy exercises that effectively MINIMISE PAIN and fear
  • watch the videos as many times as wish to stay calm and relaxed during all stages of your pregnancy.  

What do you get in Happy Birthing Days?

There are 3 modules: 


Step 1: THEORY

Proven Midwife Wisdom

Theory/science/therapy on how a birth really works from 30+ years professional midwife expertise.


Step 2: BODY

Love Your Birth Body

Videos of exercises and techniques to keep your body, your baby and your partner happy.


Step 1: MIND

Confident Happy Mind

Videos of techniques and tools that can eliminate pregnancy fears and birth anxiety.


How can you benefit from Happy Birthing Days?

  • Strengthen your mind-body connection & mama intuition
  • Practice effective relaxation techniques
  • Understand the hormones of pregnancy and birth
  • Understand the physiology of labour
  • Learn optimal birth positions
  • How to decide your birth preferences
  • Create and communicate your unique birth plan
  • Release endorphins via breath work
  • Learn effective partner exercises
  • How to bond effectively with your partner
  • What birthing really fear is and how to eliminate it
  • How to reduce or eliminate pain
  • How to communicate with your baby inside you
  • Intimately bond with your baby
  • Reprogram your mind and body to having the most enjoyable childbirth and pregnancy for you

Why get Happy Birthing Days?

❤️ Feel empowered, calm and confident with expert knowledge and a proven method.

❤️ You and your birthing partner will know how to make the right decisions and preparations for your ideal birth.

❤️ Jutta, an international midwife for 40 years & published author, has welcomed over 3,000 babies and consulted over 10,000 women during birth & pregnancy.

Join Jutta's empowered birth revolution today!


What People Are Saying:

"First of all, I would like to thank Jutta for this awesome and mind-blowing course. Before the course, we had a lot of misconceptions and fears about the birth of the child and we were really confused about many things. But as we went through the course we found that the pain and suffering during the process of delivery has a lot to do with the mental state and doing it in the wrong way. With the tricks and tips described by Jutta concerning breathing pattern and back-massage are excellent. After taking this course, we both feel more confident and competent that we can do it. We would advise to all future parents to take the Happy Birthing Course by Jutta since it will take your birthing experience to the new undiscovered level and give you confidence, that you all need to have a naturally born child and peaceful parents :)"

Moon Sabeen, 1st Pregnancy

"There are not words enough to thank you, your course, your book, and yoga videos have had great, happy impact on my birth. To make long story short, I got natural birth with no PDA or episiotomy. I only got tearing with 3 snitches and pain in my tailbone. Other than that, everything was really perfect. The last 2 weeks before my birth, I did yoga from your DVD almost everyday, ate 6 dates everyday, read your book before sleep. I think your advice and techniques played a huge rule in the self control I had when in contractions at home, and knowing when to go to Hospital, not panicking. In addition, to the fast opening of the cervix and the baby head went in the right place in my pelvis. Million thanks from three of us!"

Rima, 1st pregnancy

"...Also the book that Jutta wrote and shared with us ˝Happy Birthing Days˝ brings back the information from the course. Reading it is like listening to Jutta, the information is clear and the positive energy keeps flowing through it. What Jutta is doing through these courses, the book and in general through her work is more than just informing people, it is about the mission to bring happy natural birthing back into our realities. And it all starts with our mindset - and Jutta is doing a formidable job with transforming this into an event to look forward to! Way to go Jutta! Thank you! I fully and wholeheartedly recommend taking this course or any course with Jutta, if you resonate with what is written above.˝

Camille, 2nd pregnancy

"Hi dear mums to be, I can highly recommend Jutta´s book and her Happy Birthing Days online course to you! It was a nice ritual for Stefan and me to watch the short videos in the evenings. Jutta created the tutorials for parents who are located in countries where no antenatal classes are offered. The tutorials are also a great addition to a course you have visited. They are very helpful and entertaining! I have learned so many things from Jutta and I have had a wonderful birthing experience!

Aline, 1st Pregnancy